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About Our Ads

About our Ads

We use common tracking technologies.

We or our vendors use several common tracking tools.  These may include browser cookies. We may also use web beacons and similar technologies.  We use these tools:

  • To recognize new or past customers.
  • To store your information if you are registered on our site.
  • To improve our website or other services.
  • To serve you with advertising content in which we think you will be interested.  To do so, we may observe your behaviors when you interact with us.  That might be on our properties like websites or emails. That might also be on other websites where we have a presence, like social media sites.  We may also collect information about your browsing history from you or business partners.
  • To better understand the interests of our customers and our website visitors.

You can control tracking tools.

Your browser may give you the ability to control cookies.  How you do so depends on the type of cookie. Certain browsers can be set to reject browser cookies.  To control flash cookies, which we may use on our website from time to time, you can go HERE.  Why?  Because flash cookies cannot be controlled through your browser settings.

If you block cookies on your browser, certain features on our site may not work.

Our ads on other websites may be served based on tracking.

We may work with online advertising companies to show you relevant and useful ads. This may include ads served on our website.  This may also include ads served on other companies’ sites. These ads may be based on information collected by us or third parties (for example, when you register for a site). These ads may also be based on your activities on our website or on third party sites.  This second type of advertising is called “online behavioral advertising.”  To learn more about this type of advertising, CLICK HERE.

You can opt-out of online behavioral advertising.

To opt out of having your online behavioral advertising, CLICK HERE.

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